Note: Volume 31 is a conjoined special issue of SHAD and Contemporary Drug Problems (CDP) focused on gender and critical drug studies. A table of contents for the corresponding CDP issue can be found below.


A Woman Formed the First Cartel? Historical imaginations and realities of the US-Mexico drug war
Elaine Carey

Marginalised Drug-Using Women’s Pleasure and Agency
Natasha Du Rose

Inside the Fantastic Lodge: Relational Ties, Gender, and Addict Identity
Joseph Spillane

“Hasta la Madre!”: Mexican mothers against “The war on drugs”
Shaylih Muehlmann

Worlds Colliding: Trans-disciplinary approaches to gender and addictions
Michelle L. McClellan, Beth Glover Reed, and Jill B. Becker

Female Vulnerability and Susceptible Brains: Gendered discourses of addiction
Helen Keane

Book Reviews

Dan Malleck. When Good Drugs Go Bad: Opium, Medicine, and the Origins
of Canada’s Drug Laws. Reviewed by Howard Padwa

Holly M. Karibo. Sin City North: Sex, Drugs, and Citizenship in the Detroit-
Windsor Borderland. Reviewed by Mathieu Lapointe

Mark Hailwood and Deborah Toner, eds. Biographies of Drink. A Case Study Approach to our Historical Relationship with Alcohol. Reviewed by Pam Lock

Conor Reidy. Criminal Irish Drunkards: The Inebriate Reformatory System
1900-1920. Reviewed by Thora Hands

Stephanie Olsen. Juvenile Nation: Youth, Emotions and the Making of the
Modern British Citizen, 1880-1914. Reviewed by Francesca Moore

Jessica R. Pliley, Robert Kramm, and Harald Fischer-Tiné, eds. Global Anti- Vice Activism, 1890-1950: Fighting Drinks, Drugs, and “Immorality.” Reviewed by Anna Clark

Mark S. Ferrara. Sacred Bliss: A Spiritual History of Cannabis. Reviewed by Lisa Barnett

Contemporary Drug Problems (CDP) Table of Contents

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Trysh Travis, “The intersectional origins of women’s ‘substance abuse’ treatment: Learning from Detroit’s WOMAN Center, 1970-1985”

Jill McCorkel, “The second coming: Gender, race, and the privatization of carceral drug treatment”

Kelly R. Knight, “Women on the edge: Opioids, benzodiazepines, and the social anxieties surrounding women’s reproduction in the U.S. ‘Opioid Epidemic’”

Helena Hansen, “Assisted technologies of social reproduction: Pharmaceutical prosthesis for gender, race, and class in the white opioid ‘crisis’”

Tammy L. Anderson and Philip R. Kavanaugh, “Women’s evolving roles in drug trafficking in the United States: New conceptualizations needed for 21st century markets”

Elizabeth Ettorre, “Feminist autoethnography, gender, and drug use: ‘Feelling about’ empathy while ‘storying the I’”