Reflection Essay

Thirty-Three Years of Temperance, 1971-2004
Ian Tyrrell


Print Culture in the AA Fellowship

Trysh Travis

Haven an a Heartless Sea: The Sailors’ Tavern in History and Anthropology
Michael Seltzer

What the Taste Test Showed: Alcohol and Politics in French Vietnam
Erica Peters


John Frick. Theatre, Culture, and Temperance Reform in Nineteenth-Century America
Elaine Frantz Parsons

John Greenaway. Drink and British Politics: A Study in Policy Making
Jonathan Reinarz

James D. Ivy. No Saloon in the Valley: The Southern Strategy of Texas Prohibitionists in the 1880s
Joshua Paddison

James H. Mills. Cannabis Britannica: Empire, Trade, and Prohibition, 1800-1928
Jonathan Reinarz

Elaine Frantz Parsons. Manhood Lost: Fallen Drunkards and Redeeming Women in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Caryn E. Neumann

Anne-Marie E. Szymanski. Pathways to Prohibition: Radicals, Moderates, and Social Movement Outcomes
Jack S. Blocker, Jr.

Patrick Dillon. The Much-Lamented Death of Madam Geneva, and Jessica Warner, Craze: Gin and Debauchery in an Age of Reason
James R. Mcintosh

Craig Heron. Booze: A Distilled History
Dan Malleck