Presidential Message
Presidential Message
Ian Tyrrell

Reflection Essay
What Does Alcohol History Mean and To What End Do We Study It? A Plea for SpeciRalism
Hasso Spode

The Medicinal Value of Wine in Early Modern England
Louise Hill Curth

Drinking in the “Thin Man” Films, 1934-1946

The Pub and the Irish Nation
Bradley Kadel

Symposium: Brian Harrison’s Drink and the Victorians
David M. Fahey, John Greenaway, and David W. Gutzke

Book Reviews
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Stephen White. Russia Goes Dry: Alcohol, State and Society
Reviewed by Patricia Herlihy

Nicholas O. Warner. Spirits of America: Intoxication in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Reviewed by John W. Crowley

Diane Kirkby. Barmaids: A History of Women’s Work in Pubs
Reviewed by Julia Roberts

John F. Quinn. Father Mathews’ Crusade: Temperance in Nineteenth-Century Ireland and Irish America
Paul A. Townend. Father Mathew, Temperance and Irish Identity
Reviewed by Elizabeth Malcolm

Lori Rotskoff. Love on the Rocks: Men, Women and Alcohol in Post-World War II America
Reviewed by Barbara Kantz

Hugh A. Dempsey. Firewater: The Impact of the Whisky Trade on the Blackfoot Nation
Reviewed by Donald R. Bennie

Sharon V. Salinger. Taverns and Drinking in Early America
Reviewed by W.J.Rorabaugh