Guest editors’ introduction
Catherine Carstairs and Norman Smith

“Justly anxious respecting the moral and material consequences”: The proliferation of international control regimes for psychoactive substances
Robin Room

Alcoholism and hereditary health in Dutch medical discourse, 1900-45: biology versus psychology in coping with addiction
Stephan Snelders, Frans J. Meijman and Toine Peters

The drug policy of the Third Reich
Jonathan Lewy

SHAD 22.2 PadwaThe fears and realities of anti-narcotic nationalism: the cases of Britain and France, 1866-1916
Howard Padwa

Vinum Britannicum: The ‘drink question’ in early modern England
James Nicholls

“The benefits of a Mechanics’ Institute and the blessing of temperance”: Science and temperance in 1840s Ireland
Elizabeth Neswald

The US business press and Prohibition
Rajit Dighe

Pampering “needle freaks” or caring for chronic addicts?: Early debates on harm reduction in Amsterdam
Gemma Blok

“Now is the time to fight”: Juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, and the construction of a moral program in postwar Toronto, 1945-60
Holly Karibo

Book Reviews
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