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Google Books

Google Books is a useful online service, sometimes offering substantial sections of books, sometimes only a few lines. For instance, for David M. Fahey, Temperance Societies in Late Victorian and Edwardian Societies (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020), Google Books provides Chapter One, Temperance People, in full, and also the historiographic introduction, Writing about Temperance.

Soju (book)

Hyunhee Park, Soju: A Global History (Cambridge UP, 2021).

Summary:“Soju, the “national” distilled alcoholic drink of Korea, has now become one of the world’s most popular drinks, most recently thanks to the recent pop-cultural phenomenon of Korean Wave (Hallyu), represented by the growing popularity of K-Pop, Korean dramas, and Korean foods in today’s globalizing world.2 Clear and colorless with a taste similar to vodka, soju is a kind of spirit, or distilled liquor, whichobtains a high percentage of alcohol content by means of a distillation technology that separates alcohol from the water and other compounds of fermented material”