Biennial Conference

The ADHS organizes a biennial international conference.  Past events have been held in Utrecht, Guelph, Glasgow, Buffalo, London and Bowling Green, Ohio.

The next biennial Conference will be held in Shanghai 12-15 June 2019.

The ADHS is excited to announce that its next bi-annual conference will be held between 12 and 15 June 2019, at the David F. Musto Center for Drug Policy Studies, Shanghai University, China.

The conference will be organised by Prof. Jim Mills, of the University of Strathclyde and Prof. Yong-an Zhang of Shanghai University. Please check again soon for further details.

Upcoming events

Members of the ADHS also participate in a range of conferences.

The Alcohol and Drugs History Society (ADHS) is supporting a limited travel fund for Cannabis: Global Histories at Strathclyde University (April 19-20). The fund will be dedicated to bringing non-presenting UK based postgraduates into the conversation. Applicants should provide a maximum 250-word statement reflecting an interdisciplinary interest in drugs and alcohol scholarship, with reference to publications or a dissertation topic. Applicants should also provide a 2-page CV. Those selected will be encouraged to purchase a membership in ADHS, offer a conference summary for Points (the blog of ADHS), and seek out matching funds from the home department. To get in touch, send a message to the contacts below.

Deadline is April 2, 2018.

For more information, please contact:

Caroline Marley: or
Lucas Richert:

Past ADHS events




  • ADHS session at the Ohio Academy of History, Kent State University – Stark Campus, 1-2 April 2016.


  • ADHS 2015 Conference:  Borders, Boundaries & Contexts:  Defining Spaces in the History of Alcohol & Drugs. Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH, USA, June 18-21, 2015.

Borders, Boundaries and Contexts sought to break down barriers in the historical study of drugs and alcohol, encouraging transnational approaches and methodologies that transcend the singular focus on alcohol or drugs.  The program included individual papers and complete panels exploring how:

  • spaces, boundaries and borders – physical, legal, chronological, psychological, or ideological – have influenced the history of alcohol and drugs;
  • contexts, spatial or otherwise, have shaped the production, consumption, imagination, or regulation of alcohol and drugs;
  • particular “spaces” have defined eras, episodes, or issues in the history of alcohol and drugs.
  • ADHS at the AHA NYC Jan 2-5 2015
  • Pub, Street and Medicine Cabinet: 6th International Conference of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, Hyatt Hotel, Buffalo 24-26th June 2011
  • ADHS at the AHA Chicago 2012