Women wouldn’t sit in bars if they knew how they looked : Victory girls, women’s intemperance, and feminine incursions, Buffalo, 1944

MA Thesis/Dissertation by Caitlin Hartney, 2017, State University at New York at Buffalo. On file at Buffalo Hisory Museum. Also available online.

WCTU becomes Center for Women’s History and Leadership

After a 143 year history, the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union will merge with the Frances Willard Historical Association under a new name The Center For Women’s History and Leadership. Here is the link to the article. Evanston Roundtable, Sept 20, 2017 . Tomorrow there is a “Do Everything” Birthday celebration at the Frances Willard Rest Cottage and associated buildings. See also the WCTU webpage WCTU – Center for Women’s History and Leadership.

German prescription drugs, 1500-1700 (article)

Rankin, Alisha. “Exotic Materials and Treasured Knowledge: The Valuable Legacy of Noblewomen’s Remedies in Early Modern Germany.” Renaissance Studies 28, no. 4 (September 2014): 533–55. Starts “to develop a broader picture of the perceived worth of noblewomen’s healing” through the examination of itemizations of court apothecaries in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century German estate inventories.