WCTU becomes Center for Women’s History and Leadership

After a 143 year history, the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union will merge with the Frances Willard Historical Association under a new name The Center For Women’s History and Leadership. Here is the link to the article. Evanston Roundtable, Sept 20, 2017 . Tomorrow there is a “Do Everything” Birthday celebration at the Frances Willard Rest Cottage and associated buildings. See also the WCTU webpage WCTU – Center for Women’s History and Leadership.

Norway, Illinois, is Trying to Save its Temperance Hall

Read the article from The Times of Ottawa, IL, here . From the article is the following paragraph:

A dinner theater fundraiser is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 12, at the Norway Community Building, 3676 E. 2603rd Road, in support of the restoration needs of the Norsk Museum. Rob Borchsenius has written the original script and music.
The Norsk Museum has in its collection the entire Norway Temperance Association meeting minutes and Borchsenius’ idea for this play is inspired by these minutes.
After broasted chicken and pasta is served, the audience will participate in a circa 1910 meeting of the Temperance Association and join in various temperance songs.
Only 150 tickets will be sold, advance sales only at $35. For advance tickets, call Borchsenius at 815 -(edited out, see article) or go to norskmuseum.org. Doors will open at 6 p.m.

Drug War Capitalism (book, author interview)

Author and journalist Dawn Paley presents a thesis that the drug war “enables global capitalist expansion through enclosure.” “…how elites collude across borders for their own benefit at the expense of their populations.” (quotes by interviewer Andrew Smolski, a sociologist and writer).