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American college fraternities and alcohol

Get the Keg Out of the Frat House John Hechinger SEPT. 26, 2017 New York Times Continue reading the main story Fraternity initiation season has just begun and already an 18-year-old freshman is dead. An investigation into the death of … Continue reading

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Cocktails in America, before and after National Prohibition (article)

Peter Suderman, “Government almost Killed the Cocktail,” Reason 49/5 (Oct. 2017): 54-65.

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WCTU becomes Center for Women’s History and Leadership

After a 143 year history, the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union will merge with the Frances Willard Historical Association under a new name The Center For Women’s History and Leadership. Here is the link to the article. Evanston Roundtable, Sept 20, … Continue reading

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Temperance and class in New South Wales (thesis)

Jennifer Sloggett, “Temperance and Class : with Particular Reference to Newcastle and the South Maitland Coalfields, 1860-1928” (M.A. thesis, University of Newcastle, 1989).  Old but worth a look.

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Liver disease doubles in the UK in last decade, with worst in the northwest

“People from Blackpool are nearly eight times as likely to die from liver disease as those from Norfolk, the new research reveals.”  (London) Telegraph, 16 Sept. 2017

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CFP: Alcohol and illiberal regimes in the long 20th century, conference, June 2018.

Please find attached, a CFP for the ‘Alcohol and illiberal regimes in the long 20th century’ workshop. This international workshop aims to better understand how leaders and people in autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial and colonial regimes in the long 20th century have … Continue reading

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