Drinking Studies Network (conference announcement)

Drinking Studies Network, 10th conference, 14-15 November 2020, Leicester.  CFP will follow.

Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood (article)

The Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood was organized 1963 at the Rising Sun pub in Epsom by beer drinkers, mostly employed at the Bank of England, who objected to the introduction of gas pressure, keg beers, and other such innovations.  Brewery History Society Newsletter, no. 87 (Dec. 2019): 13-14, written by John Dearing and others.

Fighting drink, drugs, and venereal diseases (conference)

Fighting Drink, Drugs, and Venereal Diseases: Global Anti-Vice Activism, ca. 1870-1940. Ascona, Switzerland: Harald Fischer-Tiné / Jana Tschurenev, History of the Modern World, ETH Zurich, 01.04.2012-04.04.2012.

Reviewed by Judith Große
Published on H-Soz-u-Kult (July, 2012)

Attached to this review is a detailed summary of the conference.

A book based on this conference was published in 2016.


Alcohol and humans (book)

Alcohol and Humans

A Long and Social Affair (Oxford University Press, 2020)

Edited by Kimberley Hockings and Robin Dunbar

Table of Contents

  1. The puzzle of alcohol consumption, Robin Dunbar and Kimberley Hockings
    2. The natural biology of dietary ethanol, and its implications for primate evolution, Robert Dudley
    3. Hominoid Ancestry and the Adaptation to Dietary Ethanol, Matthew Carrigan
    4. The Importance of Raffia Palm Wine to Coexisting Humans and Chimpanzees, Kimberley Hockings, Miho Ito and Gen Yamakoshi
    5. The earliest toasts: archaeological evidence of the social and cultural construction of alcohol in prehistoric Europe, Elisa Guerra-Doce
    6. Uncorking the past: alcoholic fermentation as humankind’s first biotechnology, Patrick McGovern
    7. Rituals and feasting as incentives for cooperative action at early Neolithic Gobekli Tepe, Oliver Dietrich and Laura Dietrich
    8. Alcohol as embodied material culture: anthropological reflections on the deep entanglement of humans and alcohol, Michael Dietler
    9. The nature of sweetness: an indigenous fermentation complex in Amazonian Guyana, Lewis Daly
    10. Chicha as Water: Traditional Fermented Beer Consumption Among Forager Horticulturalists in the Bolivian Amazon, Asher Rosinger and Hilary Bethancourt
    11. Feasting and its Role in Human Community Formation, Robin Dunbar
    12. Through the drinking glass: a long history of pints and performative materialities in England, Angela McShane
    13. Alcohol and humans: reflections and prospects, Kimberley Hockings and Robin Dunbar