AntiFascism, Sports, Sobriety: Forging A Militant Working-Class Culture

(New Book) English translations of 1930’s Austrian Socialist workers militias leader Julius Deutsch and the AustroMarxist Experiment; translated by Gabriel Kuhn, an Austrian writer living in Sweden who also authored “Sober Living for the Revolution” and “All Power to the Councils”. All three published by PM Press, Oakland, CA.

Cultural Origins of Anti-Doping Rules (article)

Gleaves, John, and Matthew Llewellyn. “Sport, Drugs and Amateurism: Tracing the Real Cultural Origins of Anti-Doping Rules in International Sport.” International Journal of the History of Sport 31, no. 8 (May 15, 2014): 839–53. Traces the IOC’s ban on doping to well before the 1960 death of Knud Enemark Jensen to “the early twentieth-century push to defend amateurism against the perceived nefarious forces of gambling, commercialism, professionalism and totalitarianism that were supposedly overrunning amateur sport in the 1930s.”