Drug War Capitalism (book, author interview)

Author and journalist Dawn Paley presents a thesis that the drug war “enables global capitalist expansion through enclosure.” “…how elites collude across borders for their own benefit at the expense of their populations.” (quotes by interviewer Andrew Smolski, a sociologist and writer).

Cannabis ballot initiatives for 2015

Sullum, Jacob. “Which States Will Legalize Pot Next?” Reason.com, April 13, 2015. http://social.reason.com/archives/2015/04/13/which-states-will-legalize-pot-next.
Ballot initiatives in Ohio, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Arizona are described. Article concludes that “At this this point (which is still quite early in the process), legalization looks likely in California, Nevada, and maybe Maine, less so in Ohio, Arizona, and Massachusetts.” The Ohio ballot is complicated by the fact that it would make a cartel out of the people who raised the money put the question on the ballot.