Drug War Capitalism (book, author interview)

Author and journalist Dawn Paley presents a thesis that the drug war “enables global capitalist expansion through enclosure.” “…how elites collude across borders for their own benefit at the expense of their populations.” (quotes by interviewer Andrew Smolski, a sociologist and writer).

Policy Effectiveness in Historical Context: Pre-Prohibition Liquor-Control Studies Revisited (article)

This is the title of an article by Mark Lawrence Schrad, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Villanova University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, published in “World Medical and Health Policy” Volume 6, Issue 3, September, 2014.

From the abstract: “This article explores this largely undiscovered liquor-control literature and places it into the context of the long history of alcohol-control studies. The article concludes that not only is this early liquor-control literature an important part of the heritage of the policy-studies discipline, but also a potentially valuable resource for future historical and longitudinal studies into alcohol and alcohol-control issues.”

The Alcoholics Anonymous Religious Programs Suffer a Major Blow in the Ninth District Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

$1,950,000.00 was awarded this week by the court to a parolee sent back to prison for not joining in the religious program of Alcoholics Anonymous or its 12-step offshoots.  WestCare Foundation, the provider wanting to treat the parolee’s addiction, advertises services in 17 states and 2 territories. It was unable to establish immunity and must share the liability with the State of California.  This ruling may hasten the day that the Supreme Court of the United States will have to rule on the religiosity of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Here is the link to the article in San Francisco Chronicle’s online media.