Beer in Cambodia (with help from Central Europe)

The Los Angeles Times, 20 Nov. 2011, discusses the emergence of breweries in Cambodia (where beer consumption is only 7 liters per capita as compared with neighboring Vietnam’s and Thailand’s 30 liters).  The article focuses on the newest microbrewery which imports its hops from Germany and the Czech Republic.  Also discusses beer gardens.

Chinese beer brand called Snow now the world’s second largest by volume

The leading beer brands by volume are:

Bud Light (USA/InBev)
Snow (China)
Budweiser (USA/InBev)
Skol (Brazil)
Corona (Mexico)
Heineken (Netherlands)
Brahma (Brazil/InBev)
Coors Light (USA/owned by a Canadianfirm)
Miller Lite (USA/owned by SABMiller, based in London)
Tsingtao (China)

The largest beer markets are China, USA, Russia, Brazil, and Germany.

For more, see here.

Café Coffee Day, a leading Indian chain, attracts customers in Vienna

Café Coffee Day opened its first coffee shop at Bangalore in 1996 and now has 952 shops in India. In 2005 it opened its first coffee house in Vienna, home of a distinctive European coffee shop culture (where melange, the Austrian cousin of Italy’s cappuccino, is popular). Café Coffee Day now has three shops in Vienna and expects to add another five by the end of the current fiscal year. For more, see here.