Alcohol and American college fraternities (publications)

Here are some publications from the 1990s that may still be relevant to today’s controversies.  Witty titles!

James Charles Arnold, “Alcohol and the Chosen Few: Organizational Reproduction in an Addictive System” (Ph.D. dissertation, Indiana University, 1998). American college fraternities.

Kuh, George D., & Arnold, James C. (1993). Liquid bonding: A cultural analysis of the role of alcohol in fraternity pledgeship. Journal of College Student Development, 34, 327-334.

Arnold, James C., & Kuh, George D. (1992). Brotherhood and the bottle: A cultural analysis of the role of alcohol in fraternities. Bloomington, IN: Center for the Study of the College Fraternity.

Alcohol’s hold on campus (articles)

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1 Dec. 2014, devotes several articles to campus drinking, including one that focuses on the Athens campus of The University of Georgia (“A River of Booze”).  There also are six maps about drinking places at selected universities: University of Georgia, University of Wisconsin, Madison, University of California, Santa Barbara, Penn State University, Syracuse University, and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.