Kate Ferris (St Andrews) and Stella Moss (RHUL) will co-edit an up-coming special issue of Contemporary European History exploring histories of alcohol production/consumption in Europe and, specifically, how these intersect with questions of state power and policy and societal practices and identities at different scales – local, regional, the nation and, especially, transnationally. To complete the geographical range of the special issue, we are looking to commission one or two articles that explore these themes in Eastern Europe (including the USSR) and South-eastern Europe. The time frame investigated in the articles would ideally fall between 1918 and 1989/91, although there is some wiggle room to include articles investigating periods outwith this frame if especially relevant.  The special issue of CEH is slated for publication at the end of 2019, which means that all articles would have to be submitted by 1st September 2018 in order to pass through CEH’s usual peer review and editing processes.

If you would be interested in contributing an article to this special issue, please get in touch with either Kate <kf50@st-andrews.ac.uk> or Stella <Stella.Moss@rhul.ac.uk>.