Anna L. Bailey, Politics under the Influence: Vodka and Public Policy in Putin’s Russia (Cornell University Press, forthcoming September 15, 2018).

  • Feeding the state: vodka from tsarism to communism
  • Soviet policy doublethink
  • The parasites feed: state capture under Yeltsin
  • Regaining state control under Putin
  • The judo gang: informal networks and perceptions of power
  • An all-powerful regulator
  • Beer: the new pretender on the Russian alcohol market
  • The brewers’ nemesis in the Duma
  • Vodka is our enemy, but who said we’re afraid of enemies
  • From illegality to demography: alcohol policy paradigms
  • The new anti-alcohol network
  • Medvedev and the anti-alcohol initiative
  • Alcohol policy as battleground: the 2011 alcohol law
  • The campaign is over, but the battle continues.