Online Symposium: Drinking Studies Network

Ahead of our 2-day international conference in early February – DSN2018: Changing Drinking Cultures – we are hosting a mini online symposium. This involves three posts from members of the DSN who were unable to present their papers at the conference itself, but wanted to make a contribution to the collective conversation we will be having about how and why drinking cultures change.

So, we will post one of these a week for the next three weeks, with a view to getting people thinking, and getting the conversation started virtually, before we meet in February. Of course, anyone who is not attending the conference is more than welcome to read and comment on these posts – any contributions to the debate are welcome!

Links to the posts will appear here as and when they are published:

Emma Saleeba, What is drinking culture and how do we change it?  Our online symposium kicks off with this introduction to the Alcohol Cultures Framework, an Australian public health initiative that deals directly with questions that are central to our conference.

Jenni Lares, Lutheranism and Drunkenness in 17th-Century Finland. The online symposium continues with this look at the Reformation roots of European alcohol regulation, focused on a case study of the campaign to change drinking habits in early modern Finland.

Laura Fenton, Changing drinking cultures? Young women’s drinking in post-war and contemporary Britain. Our mini-symposium concludes with this examination of how young women’s drinking habits have changed in Britain since 1945, reflecting on when the major turning points occurred and what caused them.