Taka Oshikiri, Gathering for Tea in Modern Japan: Class, Culture and Consumption in the Meiji Period (Bloomsbury Academic, forthcoming 16 Nov 2017).

By examining chanoyu – the custom of consuming matcha tea – in the Meiji period, Gathering for Tea in Modern Japan investigates the interactions between Tokugawa customs and conventions and the incoming influences of Western ideas, material cultures and institutions.

TOC: Introduction 1. Chanoyu and the Early-Meiji Cultural Administration 2. Chanoyu as a Sideshow 3. Social Lives of Chanoyu in Early to Mid-Meiji Tokyo 4. Chanoyu as a Spectacle 5. Gathering for Tea in Mid-Meiji Tokyo 6. Consuming Chanoyu in Chicago and London 7. Modernising the Iemoto System Conclusion Bibliography Index