Consuming (the) Victorians

2016 Annual Conference of the British Association for Victorian Studies

31 August-2 September 2016 Cardiff University

Kirstie Blair (University of Stirling): ‘Print culture and the politics of temperance verse’

Michaela Mahlberg (University of Birmingham): ‘Smoking and alcohol consumption in Dickens’s novels and in the Times Digital Archive’

Charlotte Fiehn (University of Cambridge): ‘George Eliot and the perils of impulsive consumption’

Alexandra Gray (University of Portsmouth): ‘New Woman consumptions: The alcoholic body in the short stories of George Egerton and Mary-Angela Dickens’

Graham Harding (St Cross College, Oxford): ‘“Time-honoured servile belief”: Why and how Victorian wine merchants unsuccessfully attacked the “brandolatry” of their customers’

Beth Gaskell (University of Greenwich): ‘“Drinking is the soldier’s pleasure”: Army Temperance and Victorian military periodicals’

Annemarie McAllister (University of Central Lancashire): ‘How to have fun if you don’t drink: The alternative world of Victorian temperance consumers’

Pam Lock (University of Bristol): ‘Transatlantic temperance and the boom of Sensation fiction in the 1860s’

Rachel Dickinson (Manchester Metropolitan University): ‘“The glorious advent of tea-time”: Consuming tea in Victorian nurseries and fairy tales’

Thora Hands (University of Strathclyde): ‘Drinking for health or courting addiction? Women and tonic wine in late-Victorian Britain’