Alcohol and Drug History Society Session at the Society for the Study of Addiction conference, York, England, 10th-11th November 2016

We are delighted that the Society for the Study of Addiction have invited the ADHS to join them for their annual conference this year. The theme of the conference is ‘Back to the future: Addiction and the scientific method’.

There will be three historical plenaries: from Dr Tim Hickman (Lancaster University); Professor Erica Dyck (Saskatchewan University); and Dr Gemma Blok (Amsterdam University).

On the Thursday evening we will screen and discuss the film, ‘The Narcotic Farm’, as part of the ADHS input at this conference.

In addition we now invite submissions from ADHS members for the delegate papers sessions at this conference. While there will be one ADHS only session for speakers to showcase historical research at the SSA, there will also be the possibility of integrating historical presentations into other sessions if these add to the theme of the session. The papers are likely to be short 15-20 minute presentations given constraints of time at the conference.

Poster presentations are also possible. Papers and posters from SSA members with an historical interest are also welcome.

Suggested themes: –

  1. History of concepts of addiction and challenges to these concepts.
  2. History of the treatment of addictive disorders.
  3. History of public health concern with addictive disorders.

These themes mainly relate to the post 1800 period but papers relating to earlier periods will also be considered. Delegates submitting in this way would mainly self-finance. Consideration can be given to supporting postgraduate students where no other means of support is available. funding is available for this purpose.

Submissions should be made via the SSA website ( by the deadlines given (Oral presentation: 30 June; Poster presentation: 12 August).

Papers and poster presentations will be selected by an SSA and ADHS selection panel as soon as practical after the deadline for submission.

Please submit a 250 word abstract and author’s details through the SSA link given above. Successful oral presenters will be asked for a 150 word biography.