Concepts of addictive substances and behaviors (book)

Concepts of Addictive Substances and Behaviours across Time and Place (Oxford UP)

Edited by Matilda Hellman, Virginia Berridge, Karen Duke, and Alex Mold

Table of Contents

1: Matilda Hellman, Virginia Berridge, Karen Duke, and Alex Mold: Ownership of addiction: Variations across time and place
2: Alex Mold, Franca Beccaria, Virginia Berridge, Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl, Grazyna Herczynska, Jacek Moskalewicz, Enrico Petrilli, and Suzanne Taylor: Concepts of addiction in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s: what does a long view tell us about drugs, alcohol and tobaccoa
3: Bagga Bjerge, Esben Houborg, Johan Edman, and Riikka Perälä: Concepts and policies directed at drug use in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden
4: Suzanne Taylor, Virginia Berridge and Alex Mold: WHO expert committees and key concepts for drugs, alcohol and tobacco 1949-2013
5: Esben Houborg, Betsy Thom, Franca Beccaria, Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl, Rachel Herring, Jacek Moskalewicz, and Marta Welbel: The role of stakeholders in addictions policy and intervention
6: Bagga Bjerge, Karen Duke, Vibeke Asmussen Frank, Sara Rolando, and Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl: Exploring user groups as stakeholders in drug policy processes in four European countries
7: Franca Beccaria, Jacek Moskalewicz, Vibeke Asmussen Frank, Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl, and Sara Rolando: External influences on national drug policies in four European countries at the turn of 21st century
8: Matilda Hellman, Pekka Hakkarainen, and Gunnar Sæbø: Underpinnings of tobacco policy: An epistemic governance perspective
9: Michael Egerer, Matilda Hellman, Michal Bujalski, and Sara Rolando: Developing a professional position on problematic gambling by General Practitioners in three European welfare states
10: Jan Blomqvist, Kirsimarja Raitasalo, Hans Olav Melberg, Dirk Schreckenberg, Christine Peschel, Justyna Klingemann, and Anja Koski-Jännes: Popular images of addiction in five European countries

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