The John Johnson Collection is large, miscellaneous, and mostly unknown.

John Johnson Collection: pre-1960 ephemera

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John de Monins Johnson (1882-1956). His collection of printed ephemera originally belonged to Oxford University Press.  It was transferred to the Bodleian in 1968.

Box 1 Pledges Temperance Organisations, National: Baptist Union Temperance Department British Association for the Promotion of Temperance Church of England Temperance Society National Temperance League Independent Order of Good Templars and Independent Order of Rechabites For National Prohibition Party see Journals 4 (New Light) For National Temperance League see Journals 4 (Weekly Record) National United Temperance Council Temperance Council of the Christian Churches United Christian Temperance Association United Kingdom Alliance see also Temperance 2 (Scotland) For Workers’ Drink Reform League see Journals 4 (Relief) Workers’ Temperance League, The see also Journals 4 Labour Abstainer Temperance Organisations: London, general City of London Temperance Association London Temperance League Temperance Associations: London, specific areas Berean Teetotal Society Britannia Temperance Association Camden Society for the Cure and Prevention of Intemperance Camden Temperance Society City Temperance Society Clerkenwell Parochial Temperance Association Cow Cross Mission, Clerkenwell Ealing Temperance Association East Central Temperance Association East London Temperance Association 2 Essex Hall (Unitarian) Temperance Association Euston Square Railway Finchley Temperance Society Fitzroy Temperance Hall (re-opening) Fitzroy Teetotal Association Good Samaritan Temperance Society Hammersmith Havelock Temperance Rifle Volunteers Kentish Town and Camden Town Temperance Society Mill Hill Christian Temperance Society Milton Hall Temperance Society North West London Temperance Association Old South London Temperance Association Poland Street Young Men’s Teetotal Society Regent’s Park and Hampstead Road Teetotal Society St. James, West Hampstead, Church of England Temperance Society St. John’s Temperance Society St. Pancras Temperance Society Somers Town Temperance Society South London Temperance Rifle Corps South London Temperance Society Surrey Chapel Temperance Society Tottenham Teetotal Society Toxteth Temperance Mission Week Uxbridge Temperance Society Walworth and Camberwell Total Abstinence Association Wardour Chapel School Room City of Westminster Christian Total Abstinence Association Westminster Working Men’s Club and Reading Room Box 2 Temperance Organisations, Provincial: Aldershot Arundel Total Abstinence Society Aylesbury Teetotal Society. For material on Hartwell Park see Hartwell Bath Temperance Association Birmingham Temperance Society Bradford Long-Pledged Teetotal Association Brighton Temperance and Permissive Bill Association Bristol Total Abstinence Society Bristol Temperance Society Coventry United Temperance and Band of Hope Association Croydon Darlington Derby 3 Dunse Gravesend and Milton Temperance Society Halesworth Hartwell Peace, Temperance and Band of Brotherhood Festival Hartwell Park: John Gough’s Farewell Oration: see also Box 2, (Temperance Leaders section) High Wycombe Total Abstinence Society Ipswich – John Gough’s Farewell Oration: see also Box 2, (Temperance Leaders section) Lancaster Leicester Temperance Society Lewes Lewes Juvenile Temperance Society Liverpool Luton Temperance Society Maidstone Malvern Middlesbrough Temperance Society Newcastle: Westgate Temperance Society North of England Temperance League Norwich Temperance Festival Norwich and Norfolk Temperance Society Norwich and East Norfolk Temperance Bazaar Poole – illustration of the Temperance Hall Radwinter Total Abstinence Society Sculcoates Temperance Society Southampton Sydenham Temperance Society Tring Excelsior Temperance Society Wakefield Temperance Society Waltlington (Oxon) Temperance Society Temperance Organisations: Scotland U.K. Alliance – public house experiments in Scotland Scottish Temperance Legislation Board Scottish Temperance League Edinburgh Total Abstinence League Temperance Organisations: Bands of Hope, National United Kingdom Band of Hope Union (Band of Hope Union) Union Senior Band of Hope 4 Temperance Organisations: Bands of Hope, London Cowper St, City Road (Royal British Institution. Meeting to establish Band of Hope) Commercial Road Chapel Band of Hope Gifford Hall Band of Hope Greenwich Band of Hope (Song book) Islington Chapel Senior Band of Hope Kentish Town Band of Hope Metropolitan Tabernacle Townsend Street Band of Hope Walworth Wesleyan Branch Band of Hope Waterloo Road Wesleyan Band of Hope City of Westminster Band of Hope Temperance Organisations: Bands of Hope, Provincial Bristol Band of Hope Festival Croydon Band of Hope (choir) Lancaster and Cheshire Band of Hope and Temperance Union Liverpool Wesleyan Band of Hope Union Liverpool: St Silas’s Band of Hope Flower Show Marlborough Band of Hope Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Band of Hope Union Band of Hope Blue Book see also Band of Hope Journals 4 Temperance Organisations: Women’s Organisations National British Women’s Temperance Association British Women’s Temperance Association see also Journals, Box 4 Hoxton and Finsbury Ladies’ Teetotal Association Ladies’ National Association for the Promotion of Temperance Ladies’ Temperance Association World Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Temperance Organisations: Charitable British Abstainers’ Annuity Fund Great Temperance Fete and Garden Party in aid of the Temperance Orphanage, Sunbury on Thames Industrial Farm Colony for Women, Duxhurst National British Women’s Temperance Association Directory of Inebriate Homes for Women “To the benevolent…” Temperance Demonstrations London: Theatre Royal, Drury Lane 5 Exeter Hall Provinces: Hartwell Preston Jersey Temperance Leaders Bennett, Dr Garrison, William Lloyd Gough, John B (incl. Orations nos. III, VI-XI see also Temperance Organisations: Provincial Lee, Dr Lewington, W.J. Livesey, Joseph Mathew, very Reverend Theobald Sims, Samuel Weston, Edward Payson Box 3 Temperance Leaders cont. Cruikshank, George, including correspondence Temperance Entertainments see also under Temperance Organisations Temperance Companies: Surrey Gardens Temperance Crystal Palace Company Temperance Hotel Company Temperance Permanent Building Society Temperance Permanent Land and Building Society United Kingdom Provident Institution Temperance and Driving Temperance and Employment see also Direct and Local Veto Temperance and Health Temperance and Sport 6 Temperance: Drinking Fountains Temperance and the Great Exhibition Temperance Misc Temperance Prospectuses: Books and Prints Box 4 Journals, including First Numbers The Abstainer vol. I, no.1 Jan 1899 The Alliance Budget July 1898 Alliance Campaign Budget May 1895 Band of Hope Review and Sunday Scholar’s Friend Vol I nos. 14, 21, New ser. no.55 (1.7.1865), Part 13 new ser. 1873 Band of Hope Review and Children’s Friend no.55 July 1855 see also Bands of Hope, Box 2 Crusade No.25 (vol III no.1) 1 Jan1876 Fellowship Vol. 2, no.4Apr 1922 The Journal of the British Womens’ Temperance Association (2 copies) Vol. 1, no.1 June 1893 Labour Abstainer, official organ of the Workers’ Temperance League No. 1 First Quarter 1933 The National Temperance Quarterly (incomplete) n.d. 7 National Union Chronicle No.1June 1871 New Age, Concordium Gazette and Temperance Advocate Vol. I, no.16 May 1843 New Light (organ of the National Prohibition Party) Vol 2, no.3May 1901 Past and Future or the Coming Change Vol I, no.1Nov1897 Penny Magazine (monthly supplement) Vol. IV, no.187,Jan 31-Feb 28 1835 Prize Reciter, Reader & Speaker, Vol 1, no.1 Dec 1895 Railway Signal, or Lights Along the Line, a journal of evangelistic and temperance work on railways Vol XI, no.11. Nov 1893 Relief, the organ of the Workhouse Drink Reform League Vol 1, no.6 31 May 1892 Sala’s Journal Vol I, nos.18,24,27 Aug&Oct 1892 Striped Pig Vol 1, 1 Oct 1838 The Sunday Closing Reporter no. 74. Apr1903 Teetotal Progressionist Vol 1, no.6 1852? The Teetotaler no.29 May 1872 The Temperance Companion Vol 6, no.273. 22 July 1899 The Temperance Caterer vol. XXI, no.2. 15 Oct1894 8 The Temperance Critic Vol I, no.1 Mar 1901 Temperance Illustrated Eclectic Journal Vol. I, no.1. 15 May 1881 The Temperance Magazine Vol I, no.1. Mar 1908 Temperance Opinion No.9. 26 June 1875 The Temperance Record no.1, new ser. Jan 1903 Temperance Monthly Register vol I, no.1 Jan 1903 The Temperance Times Vol.I,no.1 (2 copies). Jan1896 Temperance World and Prohibition Herald Vol.I, no.1 15 Apr 1896 For United Kingdom Alliance Campaign Budget see Alliance Campaign Budget United Temperance Gazette Vol.I, no.1.Mar 1896 The Weekly Record of the Temperance Movement no.159. 16 Apr 1859 The Weekly Record, the organ of the National Temperance League no.471. 8 Apr 1865 Weekly Record Library no.2, Kitty Grafton or Cider Equal toWine n.d. Words of Life for Old and Young Vol I, no.8. Aug 1892 Temperance Songs, Poetry &c. (N.B. Ballads are in Street Ballads section) 9 The Communion Wine Controversy Election Campaigns and Temperance Box 4* The Sunday Bill Direct and Local Veto Licenses Licensing Acts Anti-Temperance Barmaids Political Defence League Box 5 Booklets and Pamphlets Moral Tales Temperance Booklets and Pamphlets, arranged alphabetically by author Box 6 Temperance Booklets and Pamphlets, cont., arranged alphabetically by author See also Tickets 12