Paul Chrystal, Harrogate Pubs: Including Knaresborough (Amberley, 15 March 2016).

The significant historical and social differences between these two neighbouring towns are vividly brought into focus by the variation in pubs and other hostelries which have existed, or still exist in each. Harrogate is a relatively new town which catered for the burgeoning spa facilities of the late 19th and early 20th centuries while Knaresborough is an ancient market town which served farmers and tradesmen who flocked to the town each week for centuries, as well as workers in local industries. Many of Knaresborough’s old inns and pubs survive to refresh what is still a vibrant market town while Harrogate is now a leading conference centre with a multitude of pubs and hotel bars. This fascinating new book describes and depicts the many inns, pubs, beer houses and bars which characterise both towns, with revealing information on their history and their current, very different roles in two very different, and historically important, English towns.