The stories about the British prime minister and the dead pig at a club initiation have reminded the public about the many Oxford drinking clubs.  A few are old, notably, the Bullingdon.  (See a couple of Evelyn Waugh novels.)  The one that allegedly featured the dead pig was the Piers Galveston Society, founded as recently as 1977 and namely after Edward II’s lover).  According to one account, there are 48 or so drinking clubs at Oxford.  Most have unimaginative names: Assassins, Dangerous Sports, Musketeers, Miller (the last two Oriel).  Presumably Cambridge and the newer universities have such clubs too.

More details from Daily Mail: at Oxford there are the Gridiron (founded 1884), Beer Wedge and the Loder (both Christ Church).  Steamers (founded at Keble in 2009 and now defunct); says the Bullingdon, also known as the Buller, was founded in 1780

at Cambridge: Wyverns (Magdalen), Pitt (founded 1835), Degree of Depravity, Beefsteak, Ferretz, Gentlemen Patricians (Downing College), and female clubs, Misfits and Newnham Nuns

Belatedly found the Tatler article.  Here are a few more Oxford clubs.

Dolphins (Jesus), Mermaids (Merton), Faeries (Christ Church), Ladies Ultimate Tequila Society or Sluts (Somerville), Claret (Trinity), Viceroy, Goblins, Myrmidon, Halycon, Phoenix (Brasenose), Flowers and Fairies (Christ Church), Bugger Ruggers, Delilahs, Black Cygnets (St. Hugh’s)