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The Daily Register offers citations of recent publications and news
related to the history of alcohol and drugs.


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Drinking in America (review)

Andrew McMichael, review of Susan Cheever, Drinking in America, in Bowling Green (KY), Daily News.  Negative review of what McMichael calls cherry-picking of the story of drinking problems in America and not drinking in America.

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Temperance in the early American republic (article)

Maartje Janse, “’Anti Societies Are Now All the Rage’, Journal of the Early Republic 36 no. 2 (Summer 2016): 247-282. Temperance.

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Industrialization of the London brewing trade: Part III (article)

Alan Pryor, “The Industrialization of the London Brewing Trade: Part III,” Brewery History 165 (Spring 2016): 51-80.  Includes 126 endnotes.

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Pubs in the British Isles (review)

Tim Holt in Brewery History 165 (Spring 2016): 81-85, reviews three books.  They are

Paul Jennings, A History of Drink and the English, 1500-2000

Anthony Cooke, A History of Drinking: The Scottish Pub since 1700

Bradley Kadel, Drink and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: The Alcohol Trade and the Politics of the Irish Public House

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Alcohol and cancer

Research in New Zealand indicates that alcohol (even drunk in moderation) is a direct cause for several kinds of cancer.

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Pain refugees from Montana

Strict regulation in Montana discourage physicians there from prescribing opioids, so desperate patients travel out of state.  Story looks at Montanans who fly to Los Angeles to get relief.  The physician who cares for them there argues in favor of specialists in longterm pain relief who can distinguish between genuine medical need and abuse.

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